Dressage Diary

Dressage Diary


The idea for a dressage diary came as my spooky youngster Romeo needed to get out and about in a non competitive environment and do arena training.

While we could have simply done arena hire, we were looking for quality training at the same time to be able to address our spooking issues, improve and for Romeo’s confidence to grow.

We managed to locate one or the other clinics in the area, however we struggled to find a central place for dressage clinics to quickly choose from – it was mainly word of mouth to find out about them!

While everyone will have lessons with their regular trainer, dressage clinics will be a valuable tool for a horse to gain arena experience without being in a pressurized competition environment and also a fresh look at your level of training by someone who does not know your horse’s strengths and weaknesses and will help with new ideas and exercises.

At the moment this diary primarily holds clinic dates for the Home Counties however we want to expand this and ultimately have a central data base for dressage clinics around the country.

Romeo has now completed his world tour of the equestrian arenas in the home counties and a special thanks goes to Anna Ross-Davies, Alison Berman, Simon Battram, Roland Tong and Daniel Greenwood for their endless patience.

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